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A Conditioned Self

A mind that’s conditioned is a mind that has preconceived ideas which are based on a sense of self, and because it’s conditioned as so there’s no space between one’s thoughts to see what’s truly going on.

As long as the mind is conditioned and actively seeking, it can’t be at peace; at the core of this is one’s sense of self. The sense of self may be the hardest concept to let go of because it’s intertwined with just about every thought one has. It has also been in place since our existence began, but it’s not the sense of self that’s controlling, it’s the conditioned attachment to it. To me a sense of self will always exist, but the attachment to it has lessened significantly in the last eleven years. This has opened doors that were closed for the first forty nine years of my life.

What many people don’t realize about where my writings arise from is there’s an understanding of how my mind works because I’ve sat and investigated why I reacted like I did and why I did the things I did. Very few truly investigate their mind and this is what leads to the conditioning in place being in control. Knowing this doesn’t make me better than anyone, but by having an understanding of the lies that I lived by for so many years it does allow me to not attach to them. I would say therein lies the difference between one being attached to the sense of self and one being free of it. This also creates the difference between being limited by a self who is conditioned to constantly try to fulfill itself or not attaching to it and allowing doors to open that may have previously been closed.