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The mind will only settle when there is silence. You cannot do anything to be silent, it arises from itself. When the intellectual mind stops seeking, the internal urging settles in its own silence….

When one awakens, there’s an understanding of silence and how it relates to life. When this occurs there’s freedom because silence arises naturally. We seek because of the internal urging for silence which is what an awakening reveals. This cannot be known intellectually, intelligence is actually noise, silence can only be known through silence. The lack of silence makes life very mundane. It makes one less aware of the internal urging that silence provides. Without this awareness you cannot truly understand what the benefits of silence are. Silence is always there, it’s just not understood. Nothing is needed to experience silence, but the only way there can be silence is to be still. Methods may be useful in learning to be silent, but the only reason this is so is because the mind hasn’t been developed for silence , it’s been developed to generate noise.

It’s a human dilemma the need to make life about something, but if something is needed, make it about silence. This is the only thing that truly makes sense to me, it’s the only place where I don’t need to think and there’s peace. Not to think is to be in a state of no mind and in this state is true peace. How can it not be peaceful in this state, there’s nothing to cause one to suffer; there’s no generated noise in the head. Be silent and nothing more will ever be needed because in silence everything arises, unless you want to live by the generated noise in your head. Silence is the ultimate truth, but even saying this is noise. Silence of no mind is the silence of all that is and when one stops seeking it or trying to define it, it is then that one will be silent.