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A Moments Perfection

When you want the arisen moment different, you want its perfection to be changed, but even if it is changed most times it’s not enough. If you’re not careful, you can spend your entire life trying to change what’s already perfect.

It is said that no can have the perfect life, but no one really knows what the perfect life entails. It may be considered perfect if it was exactly the way you wanted it, and if that was the case then the saying is true, but no one can will ever have the perfect life because it will seldom be exactly as it is wanted. Even if it was, that wouldn’t mean it was perfect, it would just mean it’s the way that you want it. To me the perfect life is what arises in the moment you are in. It can’t be anything but that, because it’s simply what’s there.

This is where our struggles are derived from, thinking if life was different it would be perfect, but how can something that is already perfect be improved upon; perfection cannot be improved. When a perfect game is pitched in baseball, nothing can make it more perfect. If a basketball player makes ten foul shots that he tries, he is perfect. Now you can say the pitcher could have thrown less pitches or the basketball player could have made every basket without hitting the rim, but it would not have changed the perfection of what occurred.

Life is similar, we look for all kinds of ways to improve on its perfection, but regardless of what is done it doesn’t change the perfection of the way it is. No outer circumstance can change the perfection of what is. This is the main reason people are in the constant mind state of seeking perfection and use so many different things to try and attain it, but understand perfection is never reached only because it isn’t realized perfection is already here…