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Love Arising

It is everyone’s obligation to pass love onto every person who they interact with, not in the form of a belief or concept, but in the form of an open heart; a heart without judgement.

When the heart is opened and there is no attachment to beliefs and concepts, that is when the love that is in your heart comes pouring out into the world. The absence of love, is the absence of unity, and how will you know when this absence is in place is by trying to force your beliefs and concepts on others. When you love, you love in spite of someone else’s beliefs and concepts. Live life based in love and you become that love; minus the story of some belief or concept which is only made up by your Conditioned Mind. When you love, most people around you will sense that energy; it’s the nature of love.

Love is contagious. When something isn’t of love you will know it by the conflict it causes; inward and outward. Love doesn’t cause conflict, it causes peace, compassion, understanding, kindness, patience, harmony, and so on. You will know something isn’t of love by the lack of these mentioned qualities. When you allow others the right to be themselves, you allow the love of your heart to be the center of your being and that will be the seeds that you’ll pass onto others. The more a judgement is held onto, the less effect the seeds of love will have. Love is what cultivates the seeds, and when they are the seeds of love without judgement, they will grow in abundance. Not because of any concept or belief, but because of the love that arises from your own heart.