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Prayer of Now

To attach to “I” is to struggle with life, to be the love of I Am is to be free of the struggle. Because of our conditioning this struggle will only cease when we learn the prayer of Now and be the love of I Am.

To me prayer is not something that is used to get me out of jams or used when I want a situation to be a certain way. What I have come to understand as prayer is something that can be used to stop the incessant mind from trying to arrange every situation the way I think it should be and to put me in the reality of what is happening Now.

In order to do this and allow prayer to be a vital tool in life, Now needs to become the foundation for the way one lives. In other words life is to be a living prayer; a constant state of prayer is a constant state of knowing who you truly are, and to know that the “lie of I” only has the power that it’s given. Not only is it vital to understand this because of the energy of the Universal I Am, but also it is Universal Love which I Am allows that aligns one with life.

To practice being in a constant state of prayer isn’t related to anything that happens in life. It is to be in a constant state of having the heart remain open Now no matter what happens. In this state of Now one can than be with what is actually happening instead of constantly being controlled by a mind that wants everything to be to it’s liking. When this occurs one’s I Am is in alignment with Universal Energy, the heart remains open and one is simply the love of I Am. In this state life is lived the way it was intended, as a light and prayer to all beings.