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"I" Assumes

There’s a struggle that occurs in most lives between one’s outer and inner view. Which view is used in making decisions determines if one’s actions and reactions will be based to self serve or to love.

If there are just unconscious actions and reactions in our daily decision making process, there will be many decisions made without knowing if they’re truly beneficial. Without the discipline that provides some stillness, life becomes one of assuming because we think we are the decider of our decisions. One trait of the Conditioned Mind is there’s no need to question because it assumes it has all the answers. This is a created block that lessens one’s ability to live from intuitive stillness.

When life is lived assuming it creates a struggle between our inner urging from the Universe, which is to love and our outer urging from “I” which is to self serve; this struggle is a battle between the two. When the “I” is in control we assume that the things of the world are in place to fulfill our outer desires, but intuitively if one’s mind is settled we know this not to be true because of being connected to one’s inner urging from the Universe.

Our outer urgings are a product of our environment and other influences. The Conditioned Mind of “I” is what makes one assume; the fallacy of this is a life lived that everything is as it appears. This “I” is our block to love. This is what causes our struggle, but if it was seen and the mind stopped long enough to see our inner essence of love, we would stop struggling with “I” and our assuming would never cause us to be in a battle with ourselves again.