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Eliminating Unnecessary Desire

You think everyone would know the difference between what’s right and wrong, but because of “I” engrained conditioned mind patterns, one doesn’t always do what’s right in the sense of what’s beneficial.

Every time a need to reach for something outside yourself arises, it’s produced because an agitation from your own mind makes you think the need is necessary. It isn’t a true need though, but you don’t know this because this conditioned behavior pattern has been in place for a very long time. Air, water, shelter, rest, food that satisfies hunger, love, are true needs, mostly everything else are just wants and desire, our created delusion is that this agitation produces a true need.

Understanding this is key if one is to learn how to break the chains of these unnecessary agitations that arise as wants and desires. I say unnecessary because it’s only the selfish ones that are unnecessary and cause problems. If the desire is truly from the heart and it’s to love all beings and to practice being an instrument of this love in all our affairs, I can’t really see that as being unnecessary or a problem. That is unless it’s derived from some lack inside you that needs to do this for fulfillment. It’s up to each individual to investigate this for themselves.

Learn to eliminate unnecessary desires and you will never reach outside for anything; without need there is no reaching. What you will then be left with is a life full of love, a life of quietness where the Universe can use your own innate goodness as an instrument for peace. This is not some make believe concept or idea, this is as real as life itself, but the only reason this isn’t realized is because of our selfish Conditioned Mind making us believe we need things that aren’t truly necessary.