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Conditioned Nonsense

You will never see the nonsense generated by the Conditioned Mind until truth is revealed and truth will never be revealed until you realize that it’s the Conditioned Mind that generates all the nonsense.

To be aware of the nonsense created by the Conditioned Mind is to be aware of life itself. It’s the subtleness of our conditioning that blocks out our connection with life. If you are fortunate enough to notice this, you will be astonished by how much nonsense is generated by your own mind. It isn’t sometimes that this nonsense is generated, it’s 99.9% of the time. The other .1% you are sleeping, but even dreams are nonsense lol. This is a problem because it blocks out our ability to live happily, joyous, and free. Once you understand this you will never want to leave because you will see when you leave nonsense follows; this nonsense becomes your created world. Most people live in a world full of nonsense, pretty tough to truthfully look at this, but if you can’t see this truth, you will not be free; this is not my law, it’s a law of life.

There are so many universal truths that we are exposed to and one of them is “Know the truth and it will set you free” it’s imperative to notice all the nonsense that goes on in your head before you will be able to do something about it. Most people won’t go there and that is part of the nonsense; nonsense blocks out truth. It’s only when you notice this that you can be set free. There is no freedom in the nonsense of a Conditioned Mind, there is only nonsense.

This nonsense is generated in the form of our thoughts and because this is unknown it manifest in some form of behavior; if the base of a thought is nonsense, the resulted behavior also has to be of nonsense. Your life can only be of the energy generated, if it’s nonsense than that’s what your life will be. This is not right or wrong, its just what’s there, but it does determine what your life will be like and the energy transmitted to others.

Cultivate nonsense and that is what others will see, but most of them will think it’s the norm because of their own nonsense conditioning. Learn to quiet the mind and see the nonsense for what it truly is and be set free. Living a life based in the nonsense of a Conditioned Mind doesn’t have to be, but neither does living life happily, joyous and free, that will be determined by the conditioned nonsense in place.