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Questioning Obstacles

Answers are only sought when there are obstacles in the way that create questions. If life was lived as it occurred and you didn’t want it in some other way, questions wouldn’t arise.

An obstacle to our own innate goodness is anything that gets in the way to allow it. Instead of looking within we developed the obstacle of looking out there and this is why there is never true satisfaction. If you continue to seek answers outside yourself, you will continue to have obstacles. You’ll never find answers in the obstacles out there so you’ll always be seeking them, but if you begin to look within, answers will be revealed that previously weren’t seen. This is because there’s an entire planet of obstacles that are used to try to find your answers and none of them provide what’s necessary for answers to arise.

Life is simple, but it’s very complex because of all the obstacles; it’s a process and a process is on going. Today’s answer may not be tomorrow’s answer, but as long as you are looking inward yesterday’s obstacle will not be carried over into today. After all that is how life becomes a burden, all of the obscured events that take place aren’t dealt with as they arise so they pile up and you carry them upon your shoulders as a burden. You do this not life and it’s all because of the obstacles to your own innate goodness.

When the obstacle ladened view is changed by looking inward, all kinds of wonderful revelations occur. Life stops being a struggle because although you still don’t have all your answers, its okay because none are needed. This is the answer you have been looking for all along. Leave the obstacles of life to life. Understand your life is the way it is and wanting it in some other way is just a conditioned obstacle. When you live life as it arises, you still may not have all your answers, but it doesn’t matter because you no longer have any obstacles creating questions.