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Distractions in Place

You cannot see any other way except how you see. This doesn’t mean you have to remain this way, but if you’re unaware of the noise in your head, there will be very little room for anything else.

As situations occur daily, the reactions will be determined by the way you’re conditioned. There’s nothing wrong in the reactions themselves, we can only live our life with the tools that are developed. You can take a situation with ten people involved in it and you will probably see ten different ways of reacting to the situation. The more unaware you are of your inner spiritual nature, the less love there will be at the core of your reactions. This is just the way it is. It can’t be any other way. Your reactions can’t be based in love if you’re not aware of the love that’s in your heart. The love is always there, but since there’s not awareness of it, it’s impossible for it to manifest.

Our reactions become what they are because our Conditioned Mind creates distractions to the love that’s in our heart. The more we are distracted by things, the less we are in touch with our heart. To be loveless it seems is to be heartless, but not really, it’s just to be heartless is to be distracted; love is always there. This is why the practice of quietness has so much value, because it lessens the distractions, and with less distractions we become more aware of a life that’s based in love. It’s a love that is and will always be there, but with so many distractions in place it’s very difficult to be aware of this. These distractions are formed from thought so thought is at the core of all distractions. Don’t give the thought energy and it will not create a distraction. All the distractions are is noise, that’s why learning to quiet the mind is invaluable. The distractions will never cease on their own, discipline is needed to allow them to dissipate. Noise is what’s there, so the distractions have to be there. When it’s learned to quiet the mind, the distractions will quiet and the love in your heart will naturally manifest.