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Consequenced Results

When the energy of your life is self-serving, you will suffer consequences with self-serving results, and although you can’t be anything but what you are, love’s energy produces consequences with loving results.

Each of us has our own journey to discover the things in within ourselves that will give our existence some meaning. We all use different things for this and none are right or wrong, but some are more beneficial than others. Obviously when something is done that brings harm to another person, there will be harsher consequences to pay then if your actions are based in love, even if you don’t get caught. I am not one to say there is a God that’s always watching, I don’t truly know that, but I do know I cannot hide from myself, and that’s the only person I have to answer to. I can lie to you, I can even lie to me, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences.

Understanding ourselves is our life journey. When we do things that are of a self-serving nature, we along with others pay a price for this, even if we don’t see the consequences for these self-serving actions, they’re there. So many diseases have been linked to these self-serving actions, they just aren’t called that. Diabetes, cancer, depression, stress, anxiety, to name a few are all linked to our self-serving behavior. This is not a belief, this is a fact. When one is of love, suffering is at a minimum. Consequences are a part of life, whether they are self serving or loving is determined by what you are practicing. If what you are practicing is based in self-serving energy than what is produced will have self-serving consequences. When that is the energy that life is lived by it will be very difficult to feel well. Practice love-serving behaviors and your consequences will be a result of love, and when this is the energy that controls your life don’t be surprised when you feel well more often than not.