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Labeling Life

Life doesn’t come with labels, one applies what is thought to be the appropriate label to what occurs. Without the applied label life would still occur as it is, just not as it’s being labeled.

An understanding of your own mind is the only way you will ever get a true inkling of life. It’s the only way to truly see the beauty of a sunset or to feel a crisp fall breeze. What do you see when a flock of geese fly by in a vee formation or when you see a shooting star? If you strictly have an outer view of what’s there and apply a label, you will miss what’s truly there. It can be labeled, but that’s not what you truly see. Does the sunset describe itself or do does the breeze know its blowing? How about the geese, are they aware of their vee formation, and does the star know it’s moving?

Life always happens whether it’s labeled or not. The place beyond the labeling is where it truly occurs. It’s not stillness, quietness, or any other label that you want to call it, it’s just what’s there; nothing more, nothing less. Our Conditioned Mind has been programmed to label everything, but it’s beyond the labeling mind that life happens. Quietness and stillness are needed, but they aren’t a place to get to or label, they just are.

Without one single label, everything would still be. It doesn’t need a label to be. If you died right now, life as YOU know it would be over, but life itself wouldn’t miss a beat. To life dying is just a part of life, it’s just the way it is; dying is as natural as birth, so it would just continue as if you never existed. Life doesn’t label you, you label life. Understand yourself so you can understand life, but as stated earlier not in the form of a label, but by allowing life to do what it does and seeing what is truly going on beyond the labeling process of a Conditioned Mind. To be or not to be, life just doesn’t care either way.