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Attracting Energy

Seeking strictly arises from a false self, in quiet love arises. The thoughts attracted to you are from your own energy; self-seeking is the energy of selfishness and love is the energy of the universe…

I was discussing with someone what it means when a person is released from the bondage of self-seeking. After sitting with this in quietness, I came to the realization in quietness there is no self-seeking. It wasn’t that I had to do anything to not self-seek, it was the exact opposite, I simply sat. When the mind really starts to settle, you will notice how much time is spent going round and round consumed by thoughts that are constantly self-seeking in one form or another. Whatever the self-seeking entails it is for the sole purpose to satisfy a false self. Even if it’s to better ones life it’s still in the form of self-seeking.

To me this is what needs to be done if self-seeking is to stop blocking the love that is in our heart. The thoughts we attract are derived from the way we have been conditioned. We can only have the thoughts that we are conditioned to have. What is in our Conditioned Mind is what produces the energy of the thoughts that are attracted to us, and since thoughts are energy, our attracted thoughts become our manifested behavior. When our energy is in the form of quietness, we are in alignment with the universe and our behavior manifest as love. There is no manifestation of self-seeking behavior from the universe because the universe is love. When Jesus spoke to the father, he was in touch with the energy of Universal Love. This energy is our true nature, it’s Universal Energy that’s the creator of all that is. There is nothing separate from this, but it won’t be recognized that we’re in alignment with it if the base of our existence is to self-seek. This is the evil of the world, all problems arise from here. It’s not that love isn’t there, love always exist, but it’s through our self-seeking that we’re not aligned with love and thus this is what makes you self-seek.

Quietness will always align one with love because it aligns you with the universe, or as Jesus said “with the father.” When you’re conditioned to listen to the self-seeking mind the only thoughts that can be produced are self-seeking ones; this is a major issue in our society. Understanding what it means to be present as the key to this alignment is to understand the Divine Principle of the Universe, which is love. If love is in your heart those are the thoughts you will attract, same as if self-seeking is the base of your conditioning, those will be the thoughts that you attract. This is one of the reasons honesty is so valuable because as you go, you are. You may fool some, but you can not fool yourself. You can lie to yourself though so be honest with yourself, investigate both self-seeking and love. See the thoughts that are attracted to you and which ones are more beneficial to you and to those around you. When you understand the Divine Principle of Universal Love you will not want to self-seek because you’ll understand the self-seeking thoughts that are attracted to you will not be of love.