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Impermanence of Existence

To understand life one must understand death. When conditions are right to support life we exist, when those conditions aren’t supported existence in this form ends. Understanding this impermanence is freedom…

You will understand what true freedom is when you understand the impermanence of life. At any moment life can change from conditions that allow it to be, to conditions that don’t support it. The real question is do you truly understand this? Conditions that don’t support life will change for many today, if you understand this can occur at any time, it will allow you to let go of all the nonsense you think you need for your life to be. The only place of true freedom is in understanding this.

Do anything you want, but understand no matter how much you hold onto it, one day just like that and without your permission, conditions will not be favorable to support your current existence and life as it is known will end. It’s not a bad or good thing, it’s just the way it is. One day conditions were right and your current form began, and if you are reading this conditions have been favorable up to this point to allow you to remain in your current form of existence, but it will not last this way forever. When you know your current form of existence to be temporary, how can you not be grateful and know that now is the only moment that ever is. Death is not truly death, it’s merely the existence of changing conditions.

Things exist until conditions change and then their existence changes. When a beautiful flower grows and you cut it to put it a vase, you don’t think of killing the flower, but you have changed the conditions for the flower to continue its existence in its current form. The moment it’s cut, its existence has been altered. The key is to enjoy the beauty of the flower in its current form. That’s how it is with our life, conditions will change one day that will not allow us to continue to live in our current form, but you can enjoy all the beauty that your current form has to offer, if you just understand that one day it will change.