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No Striving Needed

By striving to become something the Conditioned Mind makes you believe is needed, you miss the entire point that you already are all that you are and if that isn’t enough there’s nothing that will make it so…

By understanding what the practice of quieting the monkey mind does, you stop striving to become and you’re guided by the Creative Intelligence of the Universe; this puts you in total harmony with life. You’ll realize you are complete just as you are and nothing added can make you more complete. This is priceless because when this is experienced you’ll understand the difference between being and doing, and you will stop doing to become because you’ll see you already are all that you can be. By striving to become, whatever you become doesn’t enhance what you already are.

At the base of this understanding is love, nothing more can be added that would make you become something other than that. Even if you found the cure for cancer, it wouldn’t be enough unless it was derived from love, and it wouldn’t be the cure that would make you enough, it would be it arising from love. Love is enough, only the Conditioned Mind needs something else, not really, but it’s the ego that makes life into a belief something other then love is needed. A belief isn’t real, it’s a story made up by an egoic mind. There are no facts in a belief; love is real, beliefs aren’t.

Most waste their entire life striving to become what you already are simply because it’s not realized. That’s why when you stop striving to become something different then who you are, you stop looking to become something different then who you are. You can’t become that which you already are, so all that’s needed is to realize what has always been there. You are who you are, who you have always been, and who you will always be. This is not a belief or a story, this is a fact. You cannot be anything, but who you are, if you want to believe you are your story, than that is who you will make yourself out to become, but it’s not who you are, it’s only your made up story. Why do you think when this is understood there is peace, because you stop striving to become and just be. This is when love is enough because you realize love is simply who you are.