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Intuitive Existence

Attaching to an identity (name) limits one from knowing the true essence of existence (there’s existence without a name). When there’s seeing beyond this limit existence is understood at a much deeper level.

Here’s something to ponder: our entire existence is centered around an identity (name) that is strictly used to give us individuality which separates us from each other and blocks out intuitive living. How this happens is we attach to the identity (our name) and it becomes who and what we THINK we are. There’s issue with this because the more this identity is attached to, the more separation it creates by living life through a thought based view instead of intuitiveness. What this identity does is it limits you from knowing the true essence of existence (you exist without your name). When you can see beyond the limited attachment to this identity, you will understand existence at a much deeper level. What happens then is there’s no separation from others, there’s only unity so when I see you I see me, but I don’t really see a you and a me because that would separate us, intuitively there’s only oneness.

You can never truly be separated from anything because all existence is from the same energy. We’re all created from love, for the purpose to love for the betterment of the Universe. Not in the form of a doing, but by simply being that in which you intuitively are. Your name is only used by society because it provides order. When this name isn’t used to make you who and what you are, you will intuitively know the essence of stillness within which allows for a quietness to just be with what arises in any given moment without needing to make it about anything. It is then that you will intuitively love, because it will be the only thing that’s there.