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Created Fear

Fear is not something that’s needed to live life unless that’s the story you want to make up. When it’s realized fear is only a story, you can stop living life through your created fears and let love naturally take its place.

Fear is created, love is not so anytime a thought of fear is allowed to fester and grow the ability to give and receive love is compromised. In the state of fear there’s no way one can give or receive love which is our true nature because the fear energy in control blocks it. When we let go of the thought “I” that creates fear the focused energy naturally returns to love and fear energy relinquishes its grip because we aren’t giving it anything to adhere to.

To me fear isn’t natural, it’s created by the delusional identity to a fictitious self. A self that sees things through a pair of eyes that needs to make everything fit nicely into a created world; fear arises when something threatens that world. Our fear is we’re going to lose something that we make ourselves believe makes our world right. We form beliefs that reinforce this fear and we live by them; these fears are all self created. Make up the story that there are healthy fears that are needed, but like I said they are created to fit nicely into a made up world. Fear is not needed to live life, unless that’s the story you want to make up. When this is realized and you stop living life through your created fears, love naturally takes it place and it’s what becomes the base of your life, not because it’s created, but because it’s natural.