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Habitual Reactions

Most reactions that occur in life are habitual and put in place by one’s own conditioning. If your life isn’t lived to its fullest potential of love it’s your own habitual ideas that are blocking it from being so…

Although things appear to be a certain way it’s not always as it seems. It’s difficult to see beyond your own mind when habitual ideas are brought into play. So much of what the mind holds onto becomes habit and is put in storage to be used at particular times, this is how most lives are lived. It’s as though we already have in place the way things are going to be handled. Habitual reactions are formed in this way.

Advertisement is a billion dollar industry because of this. Politicians have people write speeches using certain words which they know are going to sway people in certain ways. Supermarkets know exactly where to place products. It’s all based on putting things in a certain place so habitual reactions are triggered .

This goes on constantly because the Conditioned Mind makes it so. If you had no previous conditioning, none of the above methods would work, but this is not the case. One of the keys to not living a habitual life is to a develop some way to be anchored in the present as much as you can because the more you’re present in the moment, the more you’re with what life has to offers. When this occurs there’s peace because the habitual ideas that have been put in place by the Conditioned Mind are no longer making it appear that things are different than what they are.