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Led by Love

There’s no suffering in the space of true love because true love has no attachment. Being aware of the attachment to “I” and not holding onto it is what allows love to be the leading force of one’s life.

The struggle a person has with life is caused by their foundation strictly being mind based and it’s basically because there’s no structure to the mind. Life being mind based is equivalent to a house being built on sand, we all know what happens when the first storm comes. To often mind based information is held onto as being factual which actually keeps one entrapped to the mind. I know how deeply engrained these conditioned patterns are and although at times I may come on strong, it’s only because something is seen that simply can’t be ignored.

There are basically two primary forces that lead the direction of any life. One is of suffering (attachments “I”) the other is of love (non attachment). These forces manifest in many different ways. At the core of all suffering is the attachment to “I” (selfishness). This force manifest as greed, envy, anger, pride, desire, doubt, restlessness, regret and so on. You can see how these will cause suffering so if this is what you are led by there will be suffering. The other force is love, which manifest as kindness, generosity, compassion, empathy, understanding, stillness, and so on. I’m sure you can see how being led by love will not cause suffering, but make no mistake one will still encounter the possibility of suffering even when led by love. This is because of how engrained the Conditioned Mind Patterns are, but if “I” isn’t attached to, the suffering force won’t be in place. That’s the key, being aware of your own “I” attachment and not being led around by it. Without it the force that leads the direction of your life will be from love and the reason there’s no suffering in this space is because true love has no attachment.