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The Controlling Mind

When the awareness of how your mind controls you is minimal, the control that your emotions have over you are more prevalent and thus there’s less alignment and harmony with life’s energy.

If desiring was an Olympic sport we would all qualify. Mind control is directly related to the amount of peace there is in one’s life; little mind control equates to little peace. When the ability to not get pulled in by your thoughts is minimal, the control that your emotions have over you are more prevalent. This equates to less alignment and harmony with life’s energy. Being truly mindful of what’s happening and having mind control to not be pulled around by it is imperative if one is to have balance in their life. Mind control has to be practiced or it won’t be in your life and as a result your thoughts will have their way with you. Mind control can be developed, but the mind will need to be trained and just like with any training it will take a certain amount of practice.

Mind control is the key to freedom both physically and mentally. Think of all the people in prison, few if any had the mind control not to give in to their desires and look what happened. Granted it’s not to that extreme for most people as far as the physical prison, but mentally many are in prison because of a lack of mind control to truly do the things that are beneficial to you. Most are controlled by a mind that says do this or that and without developing mind control it will simply be obeyed. Don’t take my word for this, apply the Four Principles of the Conditioned Mind to your thoughts and see it for yourself. These principles are the prescription to the development of mind control the leads to the eradication of Conditioned Mind Patterns that control you as if you were a puppet on a string. The long version of these are on my website http://www.mondayinyourmind.com

1. The Principle of a Conditioned Mind – Understanding

2. The Principle of What Causes the Conditioning – Attachment

3. The Principle of Awareness of the Conditioning – Realizing

4. The Principle of Conditioned Mind Freedom – Practice