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Thinking Restricts

The Universe provides unlimited resources, it’s our thoughts that restrict and limit our view of life. These limits are put in place by thinking what goes on between our ears is an end to a means.

To truly live one must learn to live truly and this will require an entirely different way to view life. For the current view to become different so you’re in harmony with life, the heart must open to a view that touches the unlimited resources of the Universe. This means you will have to let go of the small minded limited self who thinks and thinks and thinks and holds onto thinking as the foundation of life. If you must think, think about this, where do all the issues you have with life formulate from and does your thinking about them constantly really solve anything? If it does than by all means go ahead and think, just don’t waste your time thinking about things that don’t solve anything.

Thinking is the way the Conditioned Mind keeps you in its prison to the delusional self. You justify what you’re thinking about, but if it doesn’t solve anything you just become more entrapped to the subconscious false “I”. You justify what you think about and you make it so important, but it’s really only important to your small minded self because you’re not in tune with the unlimited resources of the Universe. Human behavior hasn’t changed much throughout the years, it may have even gotten more conditioned. Because of the small minded limited view you have developed, you think that what you think about is so important, but it’s only important to the small minded limited self. Wake up, nothing you think about is so important except to the Conditioned Mind. This is the delusion created and until one breaks free of this hold, you’ll be walking around not living in the most beneficial way, and basically by not living life in the most beneficial way, you’re not truly living. Until this is realized you will not understand just how unconscious you really are.