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Prison or Freedom

Your own mind is your prison as it is also your gateway to freedom, this is determined by what mind state your life is lived from. In the present is your freedom, anywhere else is the prison of the Conditioned Mind.

This subtleness of the Conditioned Mind Patterns are without parallel when it comes to how they’re put in place. The habits formed have been developed without even knowing they exist. I have mine, you have yours and they are so different because of the many different factors that influence them, it’s just the way it is. There were six brothers and sister in my family and its truly amazing how different each one developed their own Conditioned Mind Patterns. Even though we were all from the same parents and were living in the same house at the same time, we were influenced according to what was attached to. Each individual is different in respect to their attachments.

A list of the Conditioned Mind Patterns would be endless so to simplify this, all someone really needs to know is every time the mind leaves the present moment, a Conditioned Mind Pattern takes over and the true essence of life is pushed aside for something trivial. The true essence of life only exist in the present, everything else is habitual behavior of the Conditioned Mind forming a habit. A mind settled in stillness is needed if this truth is to be known. Investigate this for yourself.

Every time the present is pushed aside, this means the Conditioned Mind has taken over and life is being guided by a self serving mind instead of a mind that’s in harmony with your true essence to love. Only in the present can one be guided by love, anything else is the lure of the self serving mind that has been developed to make up a belief something else is better. This is how subtle the conditioning is and whether this is known or not, it still occurs. Our own mind is our prison as it’s also the gateway to freedom, and this is determined by what energy is leading the way.