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Beneficial Direction

There’s so many directions you can choose from, but it’s not always known if it’s beneficial. One way to know if it’s a benefit would be if there’s harmony within even though on the outside things may not be loving.

If you don’t choose your direction, it will be chosen for you, and the way you can distinguish whether it’s a direction chosen for you or by you is by the love that’s emitted out. There are many directions to choose from in life and where most err is in choosing one that suits their needs instead of choosing one that focuses on the needs of others; what I mean by this is to choose a direction that benefits all beings.

The direction I found to be the most beneficial to all involved is one of quiet. To me why it has value is because it’s a direction that makes me whole and when I’m whole the natural instinct to love arises. If you see value in quiet this is the direction you will choose. There has to be value to oneself and all beings in the direction that’s chosen, if it’s without value it won’t last. Most directions chosen are based in the material world, this is the direction of reaching out there, people will even use a God like this as though there is something out there that’s making things happen. The direction of love is what makes things happen and it’s an inward direction that needs nothing to sustain it.

Love arises when there is quiet, it doesn’t take thought for this to occur; it arises from stillness and is self sustaining. This is why the direction of quiet has so much value. Inward is where you get in touch with your true self as the distractions of all the other directions fall away. These other directions lead to nonsense. You may not know which direction is for you, but if you look around you’ll see which one isn’t for you and eventually all you will be left with is a direction based in love that’s beneficial to all.