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An “I” agitation is what causes the mind to become distracted, and what it becomes distracted from is the ability to live life aligned with the present moment and the love in your heart.

Subtle distractions are what the “I” uses for fuel in the form of whatever conditioning is in place. “I” needs fuels so it can be in control and it uses the past and future because in the present moment there are no distractions, there’s only what is. What each and every distraction does is remove the ability to remain in the present moment which removes the ability to love. The objects used for our distractions are what needs to be identified so we don’t give in to their enticing lure. Without awareness that these distractions exist, their lure is too enticing not to give in to them. Even with awareness it’s still very difficult not to be lured in. The mind will need to be very quiet to become aware and overcome these subtle distractions. The nature of all distractions are the same, but they themselves differ from each other. Distractions takes you from the present moment, that’s how you will know it’s a distraction.

A distraction is not the same as an agitation, they’re similar because they’re both from “I” but an agitation is what causes the need for a distraction to be used. If the mind was quiet it would be without agitation so there wouldn’t be any need to use a distraction; this will only occur when “I” isn’t in control. “I” is always there, but whether it’s your controlling energy is determined by what the minds fuel is, but don’t expect “I” to cooperate because to be without agitations is for “I” to relinquish its control. “I” will not relinquish its control quietly, but with awareness of this you don’t have to give it the fuel it needs by giving into the agitations that creates the need for a distraction.