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Head/Feet Connection

When your mind is somewhere other than where your body is, most of your life will be missed. Until there’s a head/feet connection, the control of the Conditioned Mind will continue its onslaught.

Is my head where my feet are? To me this is a very important question to ask because the mind often goes to places where only the mind can go. You can be sitting on a couch or taking a shower and your mind will be every place except where your feet are. The mind constantly goes to a place that only exist in your head and although it may be a stored memory, it isn’t what’s occurring right now so you aren’t truly living life. Yes there is your physical existence and everyone who is alive right now experiences this, but just physically existing without awareness means you have a wandering mind and are in the maze of your conditioning. Watch the wandering mind as it bounces from place to place except in the only place that exist; where your feet are.

The point of this is to show how you may always be physically where your feet are, but if you’re not aware of the wandering mind mentally you will most likely be somewhere else. This isn’t a good or bad thing, but it does prevent you from living life as it happens. When you’re mentally somewhere other than where your body/feet connects, most of your life will be missed. The breath is one tool used to stop the wandering mind because it anchors you in the body. When this occurs you’re physically and mentally in harmony with life as it’s happening. In this place of harmony with your mind/feet connected you’ll be more aware of what life is offering as the maze of your conditioning disappears, and probably for one of the few times in your life you’ll have a head/feet connection that will allow you to truly live.