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Conditionally Stuck

If a person is stuck in a thought based world, most likely they’re being controlled by a conditioned based existence. This is a prison that you will only be released from by going beyond your conditioned thoughts, into the realm of no mind.

It’s impossible to be conditioned in your life that isn’t created by your own mind. This doesn’t mean unpleasant things won’t occur, it just means that regardless of what happens it’s your mind that creates the conditioning about it and it comes from within yourself. Lots of things happen throughout the day and each time there’s a choice to hold onto it or not. Everyone has the ability within to cease causing their own conditioning, it just takes a certain amount of discipline for this to occur. What discipline does is it slows down the thought process that runs continuously. This slowing down is the beginning of truth being revealed. Without it the necessary quietness that allows less conditioned attachment will not happen.

If there’s continuous thought and no quiet, then all there will be is thought and this will not allow the ability to watch the Conditioned Mind unfold. If this isn’t seen your mind will never slow down and there won’t be any space created between your thoughts. Life will simply be thought based and the result of this will create your conditioning. When life slows down you’ll see how it’s your own mind that takes something that happens and puts it into a conditioned category. When you see this you can break free of the hold your mind has over you and you will be able to see that you’re not the mind, you’re beyond the thought based conditioning.

Unless you allow your mind to control you, conditioning will not be created. It’s just a view that makes what happens seem real, but it isn’t, it’s just from the delusional Conditioned Mind and this will need to be understood if you are to go beyond it and stop your conditioning from being in control. When and if this occurs and you have no created conditioning, the next step in the waking up process of going beyond thought will be realized.