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Source Energy of Truth

Truth is understanding there’s a source of energy and you’re not it. Missing the mark is your “I” causing separation from the source in the form of a concept or belief, and thus causing separation from all beings.

“I” energy is what separates humanity into thinking there are individual beings out there. We’ll use electricity as an example of source energy for this article. Energy, in this case electricity just is; we humans are likened to lightbulbs. Before the lightbulb is connected to the source there’s existence of form (the lightbulb), but it’s an unconscious connection. That’s how it is when one is simply a cell; there’s existence but no conscious connection to your source energy. When this form transforms your conscious existence begins and you become consciously connected to your source. It’s as if you are a lightbulb and have been screwed into a lamp. Now there is always a connection to your source, but there’s not always awareness of it because you’re not always on. Here’s where “I” comes in, once you do get turned on because of “I” you think you are the light; this separates you from your source energy and thus from life itself.

The “I” light says “Look at me I’m lighting up the room, but it’s really the source energy that’s providing the light, our human manifestation is only the filament in the lightbulb. It doesn’t matter the wattage (race) or what kind of lightbulb it is, a lightbulb is a lightbulb. Those who see truth understand they are only here to be used by the source as one day conditions will change and the filament in the bulb will no longer be able to make a connection; this is when existence ends. Truth is understanding there’s a source and you’re not it, missing the mark is the “I” causing separation from the source in the form of an “I” based concept or belief. When this truth is seen the light always remains connected and lit because it’s the source energy that’s providing the power and that never goes out…