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Agitated Conditioning

The mind becomes agitated simply because that’s the way it has been conditioned. The agitation isn’t there because you were born with it or that’s just the way you are, it’s there strictly because it’s the way you’ve been conditioned.

To go beyond your conditioning there has to be a moment of space created that stops the incessant thoughts from spinning in circles. One thought then another and another and another, it won’t stop until there’s awareness this is happening. Sit strictly for the purpose of developing discipline and watch how this discipline settles the mind. This is how it happened for me, I sat, my mind begin to settle and I started noticing the conditioning and just how much control it had over me. This is the core of what was revealed to me and it’s the core of my writings. The more space there is between thoughts the more discipline there is to notice the conditioning. When it’s noticed you can then do what’s necessary to go beyond it and watch its control fall away.

It’s very important to get in touch with the conditioning, but to go beyond it to get to a deeper Universal Truth the mind must settle to the point where the conditioning is not just noticed, but it also loses its control. If this is just noticed, but still holds you in bondage, the mind will remain in a constant state of agitation needing the present moment altered in some way. This is regardless of what’s happening because needing the moment altered doesn’t change what’s happening. See how this agitation arises strictly from your conditioning. It’s not there because that’s just the way you are or because you were born with it, it’s there because it’s the way you’ve been conditioned.