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Traditional publishers vs. Self-publishing

Most of old and today authors look to big name Traditional publishers, like Simon Schuster, Random House and etc. to be published. But a lot of talent writers will never get printed, by these traditional publishers. What most people don’t know about the traditional publishers, is they usually only publish the writers they have been publishing for years, and every now and then they’ll late a new writer in. They only looking for those they can make millions with, or can possibly get a movie deal through them. Then there’s the literary agency they want to be an intermediate for you and them, which will cost you money or hefty percentages of your royalties. In this process many talented writers are looked over, not only that the voice of the people is never heard, because there is a form censorship going on with the traditional publishers.  Those author that are published by traditional publisher only receive cents on a dollar for each book that is printed.     


Breaking the chain of censorship and the traditional publishers.  Self-publishers have made it possible to unshackle yourself from the traditional publisher chains. Self-publishing is far more rewarding, it is simple, you get out of it what you put in it, and you walk away with most of all your money, you are in control of your own destiny.  What do need to start? Is your self-confidence and the ability to tell great stories, which captivate people, and the patience to see your work to the end. Your business is writing books and selling them, like any other business you need a great marketing strategy that’s 95% of the business. Also when Self-publishing beware of these Self-publishing companies charging a fee to be published. One of those companies I’ve had a really bad experience with is AuthorHouse or Authorsolution one in the same. I am yet to receive all the money for the books they sold, stay clear of them. My suggestion for those wanting to break the shackle of these traditional publishing companies and get your voice heard; Check out Createspace https://www.createspace.com

From the desk of Author Joseph Smith, the writer of The Revival of the Roman Empire, The Devil’s Workshop, and Caliphate rise of the Islamic Nation and The Temple Mount @ www.amazon.com/author/jsm