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Desires Bondage

Don’t let the different consequences of desires lull you into an unconsciousness sleep. All desire leads to bondage (attachment) in one form or another regardless of what it is that’s desired.

If there’s always something to desire it’s because you don’t think what you have is enough. And if you don’t think you have enough, there will always be something that’s desired. Desire isn’t something that’s inherently a bad thing, why one desires is where issues arise and this is only because where there is desire, one thinks something is missing. What is desired only matters to the degree in how the thing desired affects your life. A desire to drink alcohol in access and do drugs have consequences much different then desiring to go to a program to stop using those things, but the desires core is the same and that’s what needs to be examined. Don’t let the different consequences of desire lull you into the sleep of unconsciousness because all wanting leads to bondage in one form or another and as stated this includes all desires.

You might say that’s not true, a desire to better yourself is a good thing, but that would mean you need things to be different to accept yourself. Accepting life exactly how it is is the only place you will experience the peace of not desiring things different. I’m not saying don’t better yourself, but if it’s at the expense of your peace of mind, what is its benefit. I say go for the gold, just understand even if it’s attained you will find it’s not providing the benefits you thought it would; shortly afterwards another desire will arise. Investigate this and see how desires arises from needing, and needing causes bondage (attachment) which causes suffering. Break free from desiring things to be different and you will inevitably stop suffering.