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Results of Your Own Actions

We are our own judge and jury and for the most part our verdicts are determined by our own actions; what is done when no one is looking. The energy you live by is a direct result of your own actions…

Remember the cartoons from years ago when a Devil and Angel would pop up on a characters shoulders. This happened when a decision was needed about something. The pop up figures were always the image of the individual, it was because that’s who the real struggle and conflict is always with. Nothing outside of you can harm you as much as your own thoughts. A struggle mostly occurs when things aren’t lining up with the story of the way you think things should be. This energy is something that’s real. You can make it like you’re this spiritual guru and behind closed doors be selfish and unloving, but you’re not fooling anyone because wherever you go there you are. The energy that you live by is a result of your own actions. You are your own judge and jury and for the most part your verdicts are determined by your own actions; what is done when no one is looking. Your own actions shape your life.

There’s nothing to prove to anyone, you can preach love and recite all the airy fairy nonsense that fits into a so called spiritual box, but if you’re not showing loving kindness to all beings, it’s all being done for one reason and that’s to satisfy the devil cartoon character (ego) on your shoulder. So many conditioned stories are made up about life and this keeps one in their own prison. You can get in touch with this simply by seeing how much love you show to all beings. Lip service means little here because it’s not only the world that gets hurt, it’s also yourself. So much arises daily as the devil and angel characters pop up, just make sure the one selected allows for the loving kindness of all beings because that’s what energy you will get in return.