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Two Ways to Exist

There are two ways to exist, one way is you run away from life and that follows you everywhere, and the other way is you are willing to face life which is the way that will bring you freedom…

Suffering in this existence is pretty much inevitable because of the Conditioned Mind, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many lessons to learn in our life, but until it’s realized there are two ways to exist the one you’re most likely to be stuck is the one where suffering follows you everywhere. This is the dog chasing its tail suffering and it never ends because it can’t. It’s controlling energy is immersed in the attachment to “I” and as long as this is in place it will follow you everywhere. “I” keeps you firmly locked in place, nothing satisfies the unquenchable thirst of “I” so this why the suffering follows you everywhere; “I” is always thirsty. Even though this is the suffering that’s in place for most, there is another way to exist that is beneficial to one’s well being and this is because it pushes you to a state where there is freedom.

This freedom is from the attachment to “I” not from suffering, because without “I” there’s no one to suffer. This other way leads to freedom because as agitated energy arises and it will, instead of attaching to it, you allow it to push you to new insights and revelations; you are with the pain of what arises instead of pushing it away. There’s no reaching to mask it, there’s no running from it or using something as a distraction. What happens when you make a stand with what arises, the lies of “I” are exposed, and if there’s no “I” there’s nothing for the suffering to follow; liberation naturally occurs. Read this very carefully and if the full meaning of this can be grasped, freedom from the suffering that’s been following you around for most of your life will begin to fall away, but understand this will only occur when there isn’t an “I” to follow.