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Beneath the Surface

I am right and you are wrong energy is the surface energy of the world that’s mostly in place which makes for ego charged situations, and with the ego running the show you won’t be able to see beneath the surface.

Not much really means anything when it comes to achieving a certain status in our society, not that there’s anything wrong with this, but it doesn’t mean anything except to the ego. This energy is what makes the ego what it is, it’s creates it. When ego “I” is embraced, the energy creates an I am special aura or look at me persona, but the fact of the matter is when it’s time to leave this world nothing is taken with you. I’ve learned one very important lesson in my life and that is my life really isn’t my life. Life itself doesn’t really care if I’m here or not, I make it important by attaching “I” to a story which creates me, me, me persona. Celebrity status goes to most people’s head as it really means nothing; just love and go beneath the surface. To me that’s what gets it done with the “it” being a level of quietness that doesn’t need a story to be.

Anything added to life doesn’t really enhance it. Simply being beneath the surface activities is so much more beneficial than what energy is controlling your surface life. So much of the ego energy is reinforced by the things the world has in place and it’s why everything is as it is. The ego can’t exist without a certain energy that feeds it. Without awareness of this, just by the design of the idolizing energy humanity has in place, the egos energy is constantly reinforced. I am right and you are wrong energy is the kind of energy that’s mostly in place which makes for very unstable situations. There’s no harmony when the ego energy is running the show and without harmony you only see what’s on the surface…