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Out With the Old

Everyone develops tools throughout their life that are used as coping mechanisms and it’s these tools that determine whether you’re on a collision course with life or if you have tools that put you in cooperation with it.

Eleven years ago it was revealed to me the reason why my life was the way it was was simply because of the tools I developed at a very young age to cope with life; these became my defense mechanisms. Every reaction in life is the way it is because of some tool that was developed, and they’re automatically implemented by the Conditioned Mind when the conditions are right for a certain developed tool is called for. If life is to change the developed tools to cope with life situations need to be changed.

If it is not discovered what the cause of the non-beneficial behavior that is exhibited at times is, there will not be change. Most people develop Conditioned Mind Patterns based in satisfying only the self as these mind patterns are ego driven. The ego controls far to many lives. It is the cause of nothing but problems, and here is the kicker, the ego isn’t real. It’s just our developed tools that make it real.

The ego is based in the past and future, what is real is the present. You see the ego can’t be real because it’s never present, it needs the make believe stories of the past or future to exist. The old developed tools keep you out of the present, you’ll have to find a new set if you’re to live life in the present and you will need to develop them further if you are to remain in the present most of the time. Only the tools based in the past and future don’t allow for this. So you have a decision to make, either use your old tools or develop new ones, but remember to choose wisely because these are your life tools that you are choosing and they will not only control the way that you react to life, but they also put your life in your hands.