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Compassion From the Heart

When life is lived strictly from thought, there’s all kinds of self serving agendas and the needed results associated with them. These don’t really enhance life in the way you think they will so more agendas are created as more results are needed…

It’s more important why something is done and the energy behind it than the actual results. Why are you doing what you’re doing is a great question to reflect on. Why do I write an article everyday and post it on over fifty social media sites? I have been told I do it to satisfy my ego and although the Conditioned Mind is tricky, I know this isn’t so. When I first began writing and posting, it started out as the short post that today are at the beginning of my articles. These articles come from within me as I live my daily life. The intentions behind my writings have always been to further expand on sharing the insights that are revealed to me. Early on I may have wanted my book to be a number best seller, but now the only thing that’s important is to share the message that was revealed to me. I’m not going to allow the gift of my writings to become a burden to me.

This is the the view of life I have now. I share from the compassion I feel for others; there’s simply no need to attach to any results. I’m clear on what I do and why it’s done and in this knowing there is freedom. There’s not a need to become anything other than what I am; so so freeing. It’s so important to be clear on this because it will allow what is done to be truly from the compassion of the heart. When life is lived strictly from thought, there’s all kinds of self serving wanted results placed upon these agendas, but they don’t really enhance your life in the way you’re looking for so more agendas are created and more results are needed. Living from the heart doesn’t take much energy that’s why when you live from the heart there’s compassion for others. Be clear on why what is done is done and if it isn’t from the heart you can ask yourself what results are you looking for.