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A Made Up Self

Animals are mostly identified by their form, humans on the other hand are given names for identification purposes and this is the beginning of our separation by making up a self as an individual.

There are so many stories that go into the making of who you think you are that your true self beyond form gets blocked and is seldom noticed. Think about it, from the time you’re a child you’ve been conditioned by parents, relatives, teachers, friends, religions, all media, and whatever is in your DNA. So I ask where is the real you in all the identifying of self? Existence in this form begins as an egg inside a being labeled women and then mother. With Universal Conditions being just right, this eggs energy is transformed into human form. This form is then named for identification purposes and the rest of existence is spent shaping the identity and making up a self; there is a self that does exist it’s just not in the way that it’s perceived. We attach to the things we think will benefit this made up self and so much of this comes from someone else’s ideas. Every book, seminar, video, and whatnot is someone else’s idea of how they think you should be and if you like what they have to say, it’s taken as truth. They are then followed and what they say is taken and applied to further engrain this made up self.

So much nonsense goes into the making up of self and it’s the reason why one is self centered. If your focus is constantly on self and your self is a story of made up nonsense, how may I ask can there not be issues when your self is the focus? A fruit tree can only produce its own fruit as the made up self can only produce self centered results. This is the self that’s mostly perceived by humanity, but there is another self that’s been with you your entire existence, there’s just not awareness of it because of the focus on the made up self. Most say this self doesn’t exist, but I know it does, it’s just doesn’t exist in the way that most people think it does…