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Life Just Is

When the past is used to form an identification as you, it doesn’t allow getting in touch with what’s truly going on, therefore most of life is missed simply because life isn’t personal, it just is…

A person is always changing unless the past is being used to define who you are. This is done by holding onto past behaviors patterns and identifying them as you. This you had no control whatsoever in what was done in the past. This you just did what your developed Conditioned Mind told you. This you was influenced by other people’s conditioning (who unfortunately know not what they do). The more this you is identified with the past, the more control it will have in holding you in captivity to it. There isn’t one thought from the past that truly identifies you. When your named at birth, is that you? When school begins and certain traits are noticed that are just there, is that you? Is your athletic ability you? Your IQ, looks, talents, weight, personality, is that you? If you say yes, who is it that’s saying yes? How about when you get older, job, social status, significant other, pets, children, material worth, what you’re attracted to, what you attach to, and so on, are any of these things truly you? They can all be you if that’s what you’re attaching to and identifying with, but the real question is are any of them truly you?

When the false identity of you is revealed, you’re still the same person in the sense of what your experience has been, but there’s no clinging to it so the mental formation of you isn’t created. This is when true freedom is experienced because the concept of you isn’t blocking it. You creates your prison, but you doesn’t create freedom because a you based mind can’t fix itself. Beyond the concept of you in the space of stillness is an inner sanctuary that will only be seen when it’s realized life isn’t personal, it just is….