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Steadiness of Love

The love that draws you to others is the love that becomes a part of both of you. The steadiness of love is the only true place of refuge where you can be stable by simply being an instrument of love.

It’s very important to be steady in love so people know there’s a place they can turn to for stability. I know many people read my articles and it’s expected they will be there, I don’t mind this because of what has been revealed to me; I’m truly honored to be used as an instrument in this way. Everyone needs a place where they know they can go and be safe from the unconscious world. It does matter where you go for stability, if you go to a place that’s used as a distraction it may feel like stability, but it isn’t. If you get lost in something menial, the day will go by simply because time waits for no one, but if you’re spending the same day in a state of awareness, you will become steady in love and people will turn to you for stability.

Don’t be concerned with what others who are unconscious say, just be steady in what you know as love and let no one take that away. Being steady in love in a world that is mostly based in the ego will allow others to be steady in their love, which is needed for any transformation to occur. The love that draws you to someone is the love that becomes a part of both of you. Life is an experience and if you’re not learning from it, you most likely have your own mind constructs of what you think it’s about. When you truly see your constructs are not needed they fall away. This falling away is of love and when you remain steady in this place others will also go there as it’s the one place of refuge where everyone can be stable by simply being the steady in love.