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Reacting Accordingly

When you are under the spell of the Conditioned Mind you react to life accordingly, but it’s not in the way you want to be, you react to life in the way you have to be.

It was the lack of understanding of my own mind that caused me to remain in bondage to it, and the bondage was created strictly to self serve. The problem with this type of conditioning is it causes your own destruction because the destructiveness is disguised as pleasure; this pleasure is pursued by many to their death. It was pursued by me in this way and I was in bondage to it’s beckoned call. It said to me to use drugs, alcohol, gamble, womanize, lie, cheat, steal and so on and I obeyed without question; this is how my Conditioned Mind was developed. There are those who are fortunate enough to see this at a young age and can stop the conditioning; this is why I share.

The way I was conditioned wasn’t the fault of anyone in particular, it occurred indirectly by the inner and outer influences in my life which molded me to behave in the ways my conditioning dictated, not because this was the way I wanted to be, no this was the way I had to be. You cannot behave in any way except in the way you have been conditioned. When the conditioning becomes different your entire existence becomes different. The value of knowing my own mind was in the understanding eleven years ago that there was nowhere else to turn; not to God, support groups, therapy, self help books, positive thinking, and so on. What I learned is when the Conditioned Mind is truly understood its control slowly dissipates as discipline is developed; this is when the mind actually slows down. Once this slowing occurs, the possibilities are endless because there are no longer the distractions that keep you in bondage to your conditioning. With a thorough understanding of what you are truly up against, you are able to develop the necessary awareness so the conditioning eventually falls away…