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Needing Answers Conditioning

There are many situations throughout the day which provide the triggers to reach for an answer, but if there’s awareness of this those triggers will not produce the distracted reaching of needing answers…

Noticing what’s reached for allows you to see what’s being used as an answer to fill whatever space is there that you think needs filling. If the thought that a space needs filling wasn’t there, the need to reach for remedied answers wouldn’t be there. There’s many so called answers, but there’s only one space and it will either be sought to be filled or it will be allowed to be. This is the difference between being at peace or constantly reaching for an answer which reinforces the mind agitations that tells you the space thats there needs to be filled. This space is the same for everyone, but the answers sought are different. This is an endless list of answers, the focus has to be inward if it’s going to be seen no answers are needed. This space will never be revealed if you’re blaming others for your mind agitations because they arise from within you and it has nothing to do with anyone else. This is so hard to understand because of the conditioning in place, but if it isn’t you’ll continue to blame others for your mind agitations and constantly need answers.

To me it’s heartbreaking to see the needing answers conditioning in place and how it unconsciously it causes suffering. This is one of the hardest things to see and it’s one of the reasons the mind can’t fix itself, but one of the most important things to learn about this is how not to get pulled into someone else’s conditioning that produces a reaction from you. There are many situations throughout the day that will provide the triggers for this, but if awareness is being developed, more and more those triggers will not produce reactions, which are unloving 99.99999 of the time. After all it’s only unloving reactions that cause suffering and it’s needing answers that keeps one entrapped in Conditioned Mind Patterns that control you.