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A Clear Vision

Your answers will always be within yourself, you just need to make sure the tools that are being used are showing you a clear vision of what is the most beneficial way to live your life…

Eleven years ago I can see I had a definite vision in the way I wanted my life to go when I began the study of my own mind. There weren’t any lofty goals or some great state of mind to make my life about something in particular, all I had was a vision of the peace that eluded me for most of my life; this is still my vision today. Just because you’re on a so called spiritual journey, it doesn’t mean what you’re doing is truly beneficial. I did things for many years that I was told were beneficial to me and it turned out not to be so; they were things that actually keep me in bondage. I won’t go into details, but what I do today is beneficial and how I know this is because I’m at peace and I don’t have a real desire for anything else. I have a passion in my heart to share this, but it’s not an aching as I don’t need this moment to be different. If you’re not looking for anything, that’s how you will know if you have a clear vision as opposed to one made up by the Conditioned Mind.

You may want to be the most spiritual person on your block, you may be reading all the right books, quoting all the right people, and putting all your energy into your practice, but the question is can you stop it all and still be at peace? If not what you’re doing is only being used to distort your vision. I had a distorted vision for forty nine years so I know what I’m talking about. Try another book, a program, therapy, another pill, dieting, meditation, and whatnot, but when the tasks is complete and you’re living your daily life, if you don’t have a clear vision of peace, what you’re doing isn’t working. There are many pointers in life, but your vision becomes distorted by thinking the pointers are the answers. The answers are simply within, you just need to make sure the tools you’re using are showing you the clearest vision that provides you with the most benefits.