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Conditioning in Place

Behavior is more conditioned than it is right or wrong. Because this isn’t understood, actions that aren’t based in love are justified and do seem wrong, but it’s only because of the conditioning in place that makes this so…

People, as am I, are conditioned to behave in the ways that they do. Our behavior is not something that just happens and depending on what the minds base is determines the behavior. If your conditioning isn’t to love how can your behavior be of love? Most people just think of themselves and form a belief system that’s used to suit their needs. They’re conditioned to make up a self serving world to justify self serving actions. When a person truly loves there isn’t any justification or judgment. People who judge do so strictly because there is lack in their life so love isn’t the energy of their actions. It’s written that Jesus said as he was dying on the cross “Forgive them they know not what they do” this is the ultimate example of how to love. If this example is followed the world would be much different, but unfortunately this is not the case. Jesus didn’t say forgive the wrong doers, he said forgive them they know not what they do.

Understand your own Conditioned Mind and you will understand the world. When this occurs judging ceases and things are allowed to be as they are. If this isn’t understood, self serving actions will be the uncontrolled norm because your conditioning will be your master. It’s only through ignorance that we’re conditioned, but through becoming more aware of this ignorance and being mindful of the conditioning, we can be set free, and what we are set free of is the conditioning that blocks our ability to love. When you love there’s a true understanding that if someone does something that isn’t loving it isn’t wrong, it’s just because so many truly know not what they do.