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Assigning Roles

We assign roles to ourselves and to others and this is what is judged. Our true essence is to love, but the noise of assigning roles blocks this from our view…

The point of this article is to show the more you attach to your assigned roles the less in touch you will be with the true essence of presence which is never assigned. It’s always there regardless of the role that’s played. It is beyond all the roles. It’s this Presence that is always there regardless of your assigned role. Presence is the love from life itself, the internal now.

Whatever word you use to assign what you do in life is only the idea of what you do. If you have performed a deed that produced a child or if you adopt, you are called a parent and assigned the role of Mother or Father. Let’s just say words weren’t used to define this, the love for the child would not change. The true essence of life is love regardless of the role. When this is understood the true essence of presence is understood or at least you will begin to understand it.

You will never truly be your roles because the roles constantly change. Today you may be a boss, but one day you will retire. You will always be a parent, but the role changes as your children become adults; the role doesn’t define the person. Everybody has a role, but they’re all different. The role only defines beliefs and ideas. Beyond all your roles there’s a presence that’s always there.

Until we stop assigning roles to ourselves and others, we will always be separated from each other. We are all the same beyond our roles, but since we are not quiet enough to understand this, our assigned roles are used to judge others and ourselves; we don’t judge people we judge their assigned roles. Presence isn’t a thing so it can’t be judged. Who we are is Presence so our true essence can’t be judged, it’s only the assigned roles that’s judged. You go to college and earn a Doctorate Degree, now your role is a doctor, your essence doesn’t change, only the idea of you does. You may one day write a book, but your true essence stays the same regardless of how many books you write or what type of degree you attain. You may even become President of the USA, but besides the role, the persons essence is just like everyone else. The roles we assign to ourselves and to others keeps loves true essence from arising and becoming visible in our life. We use roles to make life about something that it isn’t by blocking out the true essence of who we and others are. So be still and understand your true self is never a role and that beyond every assigned role there’s the true essence of presence, the essence of love, the essence of stillness itself, the internal now. The noise in the head needs to be quieted to see this. When you are still you know your true essence and without a role love becomes visible for you and for all to see…