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At Ease With Yourself

Your actions are the indicator of your true state of being. Beliefs produce actions that come from your head. Your natural state of at ease produces actions that are from your heart…

A spirit led life isn’t based on a belief system, it’s based on what aligns you with Universal Love. Your point of view is not a spiritual principle. A construct or an idea of God isn’t God. Spirituality isn’t something made up. The stilling of all mind formations is the key to a spirit guided life, not a made up belief. Learn to breathe in easy and relaxed and find what is the cause when you lose that ease. This is the only true spiritual principle that’s needed. When you learn this that’s when you will notice what is guiding your life.

If there’s a noise in you car, turning up the radio will not fix it. It needs to be investigated as to what the cause of the noise is. With the identification of the cause of the noise, the car can be repaired and made to run smoothly because it is realigned with its original specs. Find what causes your noise and you will realign with your original specs which is Universal Love.

There isn’t some spot that you will leap into that will bring you to some mystical or magical state. It will take concentration and discipline to get you to a state of ease. Remember when you were learning how to drive a car how nervous you were, but now you don’t even think about it, you get in the car and just drive away. It’s this way with our mind activity. In the beginning because of our conditioning and not living a life conducive to Universal Love, it’s difficult to remain in our place of ease, but the more you align with Universal Love, the more it becomes your natural place to be, but it will take some time and effort for this to occur.

It isn’t your belief system that needs to be revamped, it’s looking at your constructs and revamping the attachment to them so your mind activity which controls your actions, is aligned with Universal Love. This is your choice every moment of everyday. Kowing what takes you from your place of ease and making sure you do what’s necessary to keep you there is the difference in living a life of suffering or living a peaceful life. A peace that isn’t dependent on a made up belief system, but it is contingent on being aligned with the natural state of Universal Love…