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A Loved One Lost

A loved one lost is one to many

A loved one lost is by far plenty


A loved one lost opens your heart

A loved one lost rips you apart


To lose one who is so dear will bring on a tear

But they will be in your heart year after year


So much hurt so much pain, with nowhere to turn

So much hurt so much pain, you can feel the burn


Life is hard as we all can see

But when you lose a loved you just wanna flee


It’s a hurt that seems to never to go away

It gets so deeply rooted and it’s here to stay


To lose a child may be the hardest of all

It just feels like that is life’s biggest fall


To lose a love is just a part of life

Whether it’s a parent, a child, or a loving wife


Take heed in the solace they were here for while

But it’s never long enough like a cut short mile


To love is human that’s really a given

To lose is hard because life is for liven


A loved one is sacred, a loved one is true

And that’s why when they’re lost your feeling so blue


So hold your loved ones close and deep in your heart

So when they pass on you won’t be a part...