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Healing Light

Your inner light brightness shines to the degree of surrender that allows loving energy to be your guide. The brighter the light the more people will see it and be touched…

I know for many years I wandered aimlessly through life controlled by a Conditioned Mind that led me around like a puppet on a string. My entire existence was based to self-serve and until this changed nothing was going to change; society is out of control because of this self-serving heart.

Until a person understands how conditioned and controlled they are by their own mind that makes this happen, nothing will change because it can’t and this is regardless of what is done to try and help a person. I‘m not sure if anything can be done to instill this change in a person, but we must try. Although it has to come from within the individual, we must plant seeds or there won’t even be the chance for someone to change.

I can love the person by understanding the conditioning is not them. This may not change them, but at least I will not be pulled into their conditioned world. I could write another book on this pull alone. Watch very closely how subtle the Conditioned Mind is. I know for me it is not my responsibility to change anyone, but I do have an obligation because of the insight that has been bestowed upon me; I know I can only change myself. When I change, that is how others change. Not because of me, but because of the degree of surrender that allows loving energy to be my guide. All I can do is be willing to keep looking within to expand this surrender.

My heart goes out to anyone controlled by a Conditioned Mind and my aspiration is they find their place of peace within their heart to allow the letting go of this. It’s real when something happens, but it isn’t real how it is held on to. The more things are held on to, the more control the Conditioned Mind has. Let go of the conditioning and let the love that is in your heart heal you and others, but it’s not an individual that does this, it’s love that does this. When the Conditioned Mind settles, the love in your heart will be your guiding light and thus you will be healed, and when you are healed you can be the guiding light to help heal others…