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Life: A Celebration

Universal Love is the base of existence. Life manifest as a Universal celebration in our human form; love is our true nature. To awaken to this is to see life as a celebration of love each and every day…

There’s no reason to wait for a certain time to celebrate life. This may seem like a cliche, but every day is truly a celebration because being alive is a gift manifested from Universal Love and we are the gift; the present of the Universe to the world. If you don’t think this is so it isn’t because of life, it’s because of the conditioning you are viewing life from. What you are probably saying is if the Universe is of love what about all the unpleasant things that occur or the pure evil of some things that are experienced, but all of the things that happen, good, bad, or indifferent are not produced by the Universe, they are a direct result from the behavior of the human will.

Love is our true nature, it’s our gift. Life’s celebration is an every day occurrence and one day the celebration will cease, but the trace energy of our true nature of love will still be. This is the way it is because this is the way the Universe is, and since we are a gift of the Universe our true nature is always of love. When a gift is given to someone in the spirit of love, no matter what happens after the gift is given, it will never take away that it was given in love. No matter how hardened you become by your conditioning, love will always be your true nature. Know this truth and you will make every day the celebration of life as it was intended to be.

May every day be a celebration, not only with your immediate family, but with the entire human family that shares this planet. Every day is a celebration because of the love given by the Universe; without its love the world would not be. So whatever the holiday of choice is, may it be life that you celebrate and may it be happy, joyous, and free…Namaste