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Space of Stillness

A Conditioned Mind can only make predetermined decisions. Only through the space of stillness can decisions truly be made as a true decision can only come from the stillness of the heart.

The space of stillness can also be called the space of love, when this is the space life is viewed through, what you see is so different than the space unconsciousness; by unconscious I mean when one blindly conforms to what the conditioned world offers. As life is experienced more and more through the space of stillness, the observations are centered more in love and there are less responses to decisions based on your conditioning. This leads to an unconventional way of living life because you are not affected by the decisions based in the world. Through viewing life in this way, it is so different than what people have become accustomed to.

With the space of stillness no individual decides what happens to you, the Universe decides. Whatever happens is a result of fully cooperating with Universal Love as the most powerful force in the Universe. With stillness as your view, no one can decide your fate. Stillness space is not of this world, but the decisions made by most people are. No one and I truly mean no one controls another person, how can they as most people don’t even control themselves. They think they do, but this is the great delusion. Look at the nonsense that goes on between your ears. It’s truly mind boggling how the mind is controlling ever decision made as if you were a puppet on a string. If you don’t think this is so try and sit still for a half hour in silence. If you can’t do it, don’t be discouraged, not many can. So if you can’t control your own mind when you’re consciously trying to do it, what makes you think you’re in control when you’re not trying. It’s so hard to do because the space of an unconscious mind conforms to the conditioning of the world and that conditioning is simply blind…