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Narrow and Restricted View

Your own mind keeps your view narrow and restricted so if at some point the mind doesn’t settle, the narrow and restricted view will remain intact and nothing new will arise.

If you only see through the view of your conditioning, a new view will never be allowed; this doesn’t allow the mind to expand beyond its own created conditioned restrictions. It will take much investigation to see beyond the conditioned view because the conditioning itself is what keeps the view narrow and restricted. If this isn’t understood it won’t be seen and if it’s not seen, there’s no way to go beyond your own created restrictions. Faith, hope, and forgiveness are always topics that stir up mind made controversy because their concepts have been so deeply embedded into the subconscious. You become conditioned by these concepts and until your own mind is understood, going beyond not only these conditioned concepts, but any concept for that matter will be virtually impossible.

There is so much being held onto without really looking into if it’s truly beneficial to your life. If you have a thought that is held onto, I guarantee you it’s not truly beneficial. You may wonder how I can say that since I don’t know you, but I don’t have to know you directly because I know me and as long as I know me, I know you. I may not know what specific conditioning has you in its grip, but it doesn’t matter because the nature of all conditioning is the same and that’s what needs to be understood.

You can only respond to what’s in front of you with the conditioning that’s in place. If you want to go beyond it, take a look and see if it unites or separates. Unity puts you in harmony with everything. Separation puts you in conflict with everything. These are two vastly different views, one binds and one frees. Although it may seem obvious which one does what, it will truly have to be investigated if you are to see how exactly each of these manifest in your life. Life is always what’s in front of you and although things may not always be as they’re wanted, until the old view is let go of, a new view will not be allowed…