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Jesus’ Visit with the Woman of Samaria at Jacob’s Well

The Gospel of John, Chapter 4, recounts the story of the Samaritan woman who is approached by Jesus for a drink of water at Jacob's well. We are fortunate that the Edgar Cayce readings contain accounts of past incarnations for the Woman of Samaria, two of her sisters, and others from the nearby local village. Throughout the article you will notice comments or additional information inserted in brackets. My comments commence with my initials, [DS: ]. All other comments or additions are in the Edgar Cayce readings.


"4. ... even as the entity has held Him, as that "He has told ME all I ever did [John 4:29] - Is He not the one that shall redeem Israel?" [DS: This quote may appear to you to have been parachuted in out of nowhere, but it is about to make more sense.] 8. In the one then before this we find during that period when the Master walked in the earth, and this entity that one to whom the Master spoke at the well in the way, [John 4:7, Woman of Samaria] and a sister then of those that later became messengers and understanders of that being taught. ... and that understanding as gained then, as Jodie in this experience, ..." [Reading 451-2] Unfortunately, in Miss 451's reading, we are given no further details of the events from those few days that Jesus and His disciples spent as guests of the villagers near Jacob's well. But do not fret! The following readings for other villagers supply us with some interesting information.

Mrs. 428 was the mother of Miss 451, above, at the time of Edgar Cayce, but in their incarnations in the village near Jacob's well, they had been sisters. "9. In the one, then, before this, we find in that period when the Master walked in the earth, and when He went to and fro through the land. The entity was among those of the city who came to the well to hear those truths as propounded in that day, and was a SISTER of the woman at the well. In the name Josie." [428-4] 

Mrs. 428 was not satisfied with this teaser of a comment. She wanted details, and requested a single-life reading on her incarnation as Josie. "3. In the experience in the presence of the Prince of Peace, the entity then was the sister to the one who called the people from the village near the well, and who with those that heeded the lessons that were gained through that meeting - established the church that later was ministered to by many of those who were His apostles and teachers; and particularly by Philip, Stephen, Peter, Paul, Apollos. 4. ... who were made strong in the love of Him that taught, "Not in this mountain, nor yet in Jerusalem" - but even in thine own heart may be the awakening, quickened by the love of the Father, through the Son, ..." [428-5]

A sister to Jodie and Josie also had an Edgar Cayce reading. "12. In the one before this we find in that land now called the Holy Land, and about that land where the Master walked - the entity then a sister of she whom the entity met at the well in the land, and the entity came to know of that ministry, following afar; yet later becoming one of those that SPREAD those glad tidings to those in Mount Seir. In the name Selmaa." [2112-1]

Let us now meet others who witnessed The Master’s visit to Jacob’s well that day. "32. Before that we find the entity during those periods when the Master walked in the earth was in that land now known as or called THEN Galilee and Samaria. 33. Then entity came in close contact with the Master when the Master spoke to the woman at the well and many of those in the city who came out to see Him.

“34. Though then young in years, the entity was impressed not only by the gentleness and kindness of the disciples, especially the Master, but later when there were the gatherings of the many in Jerusalem for the feasts - that more and more became a part of the Samaritans as His teachings had advanced - the entity then was among those of the crowd that were in the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. 43. The name then was Jeaniel - of the Samaritans ... " [1552-1]

Another individual from the village near the well was also so moved by the events that took place on those days when Jesus and His disciples tarried with the villagers, that she also became active in the early church. "18. The entity then was among those women who in the latter portion of His sojourn journeyed from afar; being of those who came to the sojourns in the land from the teachings the Master had given to those about the well, in the land of the Samaritan peoples. The entity was not of the household of that one spoken to, but rather the associate and companion of one of those who joined in the message given by the woman at the well.

“20. Hence in the activity the entity became, in the latter portion of the experience, joined with those who met in the upper chamber. [DS: The upper chamber was a larger second story room in a building where Zebedee, the father of the Apostles James and John the Beloved, conducted his wholesale fish business. This upper chamber was used by Jesus and His disciples for their meetings in Jerusalem. The Last Supper was held there.] And the feelings, the innate expressions that arise in the entity from the reading of those particular activities in the first chapters recorded in Acts, have to the entity a significance that is not experienced in other portions; save in those that deal with the visits of the man of Galilee, the man who walked among His fellow man that others might be shown the way for the more perfect understanding. 21. Then the entity was in the name Phoebe, and in the latter portion of the entity's sojourn - when the persecution activities began in the city, the entity again journeyed into the land of its birth, or into Galilee, to become associated rather with Andrew, Bartholomew, Jude, and those who became the ministers in that land." [379-3]

The readings do not provide us with a complete account of the activities of Jesus and His disciples from those few days that they spent as guests of the villagers near Jacob's well, but the information they do contain is an addition to the facts related in the Gospel of John, Chapter 4.

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